Declaration of Strategic

1. Positioningas a leading tour operator professional and friendly image with all

over the world and in Vietnam.

2. Flagship productis domestic tour, inbound tour, out bound tour and continu-ously develop to occupy international market.

3. Target customersare individuals and organizations (private, state, domestic and

international enterprise)

4. Core benefit for customeris TRUSTFUL, PRESTIGOUS AND COOPERATIVE

BENEFIT coming from AN TIN’s brand.

5. Growth by methods:

Diversify products (serving for education, health, industrial zone, banking…)

Exploit the portfolio of current consumers portfolio from current product profile.

Diversify consumer portfolio.

Enlarge domestic area.

Expand to overseas market.

Develop itself or by M&A to reach other period of its business chain.

6. Be competitive by strategy “Make use of position, make power, make speed,

make similarities and make differences”

Make use of position: to transfer from weakness to strength, from normal to abnor-mal power.

Make power: create strength by unifying people to deal with harsh competitive


Make speed: to grasp into market opportunities and make consumer’s meet rapidly.

Make similarities (in order to balance and nullify the opponent’s di­erences)

1. Good capabilities

2. Modern infrastructure

3. Professional management

4. Stable nance

5. Good relationship

6. Realize well our commitment to customers

Make di­erences (in order to make sustainable advantages)

Be consistent and harmonious from business philosophy, mission, core values,

symbols, slogan … to business culture, management system, development history

and business strategy.

Position clearly as an internationally ranked company, the top company in terms of

service quality.

Differentiate the image of PROFESSIONAL & FRIENDLY.

Core value for consumers and partners is TRUSTFUL, PRESTIGIOUS AND

COOPERATIVE BENEFIT coming from AN TIN’s brand.

Understand customer insights and conquer customer’s hearts.

Support customer to take use of cooperative brand.

Maintain and regulate strictly the behavior standards placing an importance on

explicity, fairness, trust in relationship.

Ensure fair competition principle.